about us

We can proudly say we are the first design-specialist agency in Spain dedicated to the selection and recruitment. Our team of proffesionals have been dedicated who have dedicated their entire lives to the sector. It is shown the we are passionate about our profession. Each one have a specialization, but are complementary in terms of training and skills.

Let us introduce ourselves:

  • Nando Abril

    Industrial and Graphic Designer for the School of Industrial Design University Cardenal Herrera-Horia, CEU Valencia. 94-99Promotion. Industrial and graphic designer with over 12 years experience in Europe, USA and Asia (China). Founder and director of two design studios based in Madrid and Shanghai.

    He has developed projects for public, private and SMEs and multinationals. Trusted in him; ICEX, Levi’s, Motorolla, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Telefónica, Nokia, Vodafone, Veuve Clicquot, Loewe, the Spanish State, Telepizza, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Prosegur or others.

    He has combined his professional work with his teaching at the IED (Istituto Europeo Di Design), CEU Nebrija University (over 5 years). He has taught in both graphic and industrial subjects; corporate identity, signage, graphic design history, projects, design methodology, materials and industrial processes.

    He currently combines his work as a designer and teacher running his own recruitment agency specialized in Nando Abril Recruitment.

  • David Pinto

    People expert, effective HR practices, change processes, selection, negotiation and behavioral changes. Industrial Sociologist, Master in Human Resources ICADE, PPD at IESE, Certified Global Remuneration Professional (GRP) by WorldatWork Society, Master in Occupational Risk Prevention (specialties Safety, Ergonomics and Psychology).

    Accumulate proven management experience and has developed the intellectual capacity to think strategically and conceptually, with heightened understanding of the business. Business-minded, customer-oriented, has worked effectively at the operational level, achieving results through people management and supporting the strategy of companies in various industries (design, telecommunications, logistics, transportation and renewable energies).

    Lends credibility at all levels of the organization and proven to lead with the cultural policy of the organization, changing processes, and build and manage a team of human resources.

    He has participated at the forefront in negotiating collective agreements, job layoffs and has extensive experience in the management of personal conflicts and resolving disputes.

  • Terelo

    Focus in the field of graphic design and cultural management, her creative work is mainly the illustration. After graduating in Graphic Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Granada and Thames Valley University (London), she studied a Master of Graphic Design at ESDI and a Cultural Manage- ment at the University of Valencia.

    From 2002 she established as a freelance illustrator approaching projects where the designing of characters is the most important thing. The clients where EP3 of the diary El País newspaper, magazine SuperPop, Custo Barcelona, Portfolio Multimedia and Graniph Tokyo and others. Parallel it carries out an investigation on cultural exchange across the art between Spain and Japan. From this investigation she created infantile illustrated stories that were presented in the Institute Cervantes in Tokyo and the curated of the exhibition “Puni Puni”, collective of Japanese and Spanish artists who have been realized in several cities of Spain. At present she combines her work as an illustrator with her work as a graphic designer at Lina Vila Studio.

  • Sara Ortiz

    She studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Graphic Design Brussels, where she earned a more artistic view of design and versatile training. This allowed her to engage in artistic projects while developing her big work experience.

    From the beginning she worked in different publishing houses, where she also works of illustration, corporate and event decoration etc …
    She has been currently focused to editorial design in the magazine Yodona and GQ, where she has develope the iPad version. Keywords: Eclecticism and provocation (to the extent possible, of course)

  • Oyer Corazón

    During the last ten years, among other things, he has been the Project Ma- nager in Alberto Corazón Studio, where they have created:

    Company logos: MAPFRE, CasaMediterráneo (Alicante), Toprural, Cír- culo de Bellas Artes (Madrid), UNED, Universidad de Murcia, Verdecora, Tesoro Público, Ayuntamiento de Villalba (Madrid), Ayuntamiento de Calvià (Mallorca), Biblioteca Nacional, Casamérica (Madrid), Consorci Platja de Palma (Mallorca), AECID, CAPA Fundición, Auditorio Nacional de Música (Madrid), Polaris World, Blanca Soto Arte, Agencia Española de Protección de Datos, BilbaoArte, Ayuntamiento de Murcia, Ayuntamiento de Burgos, El Greco 2014…

    And signaling: Casa del Lector, Matadero Madrid (you should have a look, it is so cool!), Bilbao (pedestrian and road signs), Calvià Mallorca (Passeig and Acción Rotondas signaling), Centro Internacional de Tecnologías Avanzadas (Salamanca), Círculo de Bellas Artes (Madrid); Biblioteca Na- cional (Madrid), Testa (Identidad de Inmuebles), Universidad de Murcia.

    Therefore, we can say he is:> Graphic Designer.
    > Presents and directs Diseño Sensato, a microspace in Radio 5 Todo Noti- cias Rne / RTVE.
    > Founder member of Dimad [Madrid Designers Association].
    > A founder member of R & D + ART.
    > GPDM Founder member (Deepening Group Design Management).

  • Carlos Robledo

    After a lifetime believing I would become an engineer, and having no idea about how, or haven’t picked up any pen instead the red one, he found himself studying an engineering he did not like at all, without expectations of exciting work.

    So he abandoned it, and started Graphic Design in Escuela de Arte no10, in Madrid. Since then, he still wondering how a person whose childhood wasn’t known precisely by drawing, could finished studying this profession, discovering it was his truly road.

    After having done an internship in La Razon infographic department, and with the final project pending, I am doing something that I really love, learning along the way.

  • Álvaro Ramis

    He works is graphic design, illustration and animation. He was born in a cost-town in Levante. He studied industrial engineering in Valencia, and he also studied graphic design in Helsinki, Finlandia.

    His professional career began in some advertising and media agencies in Madrid, then he take the step to his freelance career, and also teaching in various areas relating to graphic design and technology. He currently com- bines his activity as a designer with his management in the technology at the Medialab department at Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid.