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Law 34/2002 of Services of the Information Society (LSSICE)

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Use of cookies.

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The relationship between NAR and user.

Procedure in case of complaints or complaints regarding violation of copyright, unfair competition or any violation of the law.

If the user or any third party found any violation or breach of the law on the use of this Site, the procedure to be followed to make that fact known to NAR is are the following:

  1. Forward communication containing id claimant, including phone, address, email address and full name.
  2. Authentic signature or equivalent rights holder or permit it violated the complainant to act on his behalf.half.
  3. Specification and description of the situation of breach or violation of rights clearly marking the contents involved in that situation that are part of the Web page.
  4. Claimant’s express statement to the effect that the above situation has been presented or occurred without the express authorization of the owner of the corresponding rights.

Such notice must be sent to

NAR respond to this communication in a reasonable time of at least fifteen working days to the address stated by the claimant in the communication set out in item 1 above.

Privacy Policy

  • Introduction.

    NAR is an organization that is fully aware of privacy and is strongly committed to preserving that right. Our privacy policy follows the guidelines set by the “Alliance to Protect Online Privacy” and such requirements under local and international legislation on data protection. By entering your data and information, visitors and users of our Web site and give their express consent to use by NAR of such data as described in this Privacy Policy. However, if you have queries or concerns, please contact us at the following email:

  • Nando Abril Mission Recruitment for Privacy Protection.

    Generally, NAR collects and receives only information that is specifically and voluntarily provided by a visitor to our site. A visitor to our site may choose to provide this information to register for certain areas of the site. When a visitor gives us such personal information, we use it solely for the purpose for which it was provided. We recognize that personal information is valuable and we take all reasonable steps in accordance with legal requirements, to protect such information from loss, alteration, unauthorized use or access while you are in our care. Notwithstanding this, the visitor should be aware that Internet security measures are not foolproof. In all cases, the information will be kept confidential, except where disclosure was required by court and / or for compelling grounds relating to public security, national defense or public health. However, if a visitor to submit information for purposes of recruitment or civilian job search or run for a position, the personal information provided by him may be used by staff in NAR and / or third parties contracted to administer the same and / or related to the selection and recruitment of staff, who will maintain such information in strict confidence.
    Since our website has areas where individuals can provide identifying information, we have developed our Privacy Policy to inform Web site visitors about our policies and practices with respect to such information.

  • Collection and use of personal information.

    Our policy is to limit the collection of this information to the minimum required for each case and avoid too much irrelevant information, also avoid the use of personal information for activities of sending and receiving spam. In any case if you disagree with the information requested on our website or the use of the same, thank you to contact us

    1. Our privacy policy sets providing information to third parties under the following circumstances:
    2. With authorization of the user,
    3. As required by law or authority,
  • When required for sending publications or materials requested by the visitor or user.
    In any case you agree that the information supplied is giving their consent to share your information with third parties in the manner set forth above and for any information, advertising and network members in NAR.

  • Changes, updating or removing personal information.

    If your information once entered, the visitor want to make changes, updates, remove such information or stop receiving emails or information Nando Abril Recruitment, visitors can communicate for any such purposes. For cases of renovation, modification, change, or delete the information provided, thank you communicate From a more reasonable endeavor to register any new users communicated. In any case, NAR is not liable for the accuracy, completeness or accuracy of information supplied by visitors and users.
    Visitors to this site may exercise rights of access, modification or deletion of personal data supplied by them, as provided by local legislation.

  • Using cookies.

    It is possible that on some pages of our Web site use “cookies”, these are small text files placed on your hard drive that help us provide a more personalized visit to our site. For example, a “cookie” may be used to store information in an area of the site so that a visitor or user need not reenter successive times that specific area on each visit. Our policy is to use “cookies” in order to facilitate the visit and navigate our Web site, and any registration process on the site.
    If you have concerns about the issue of “cookies” keep in mind that most computers can prevent or stop the use of “cookies”, in most cases even if you reject the use of these devices, you can still access and browsing on our website.
    To properly manage and administer our Web site may introduce information anonymously in our operational systems and identify categories of visitors by items such as domains and “browsers”. Such statistics and information may be introduced into our Webmasters. This allows us to ensure that our website provides an optimal navigation experience for our visitors and is an effective source of information.

  • Security.

    NAR has implemented systems and technology standards and generally accepted safety in order to protect personal information from loss, due not use, alteration or destruction. Additionally, all employees are told to respect privacy policies and information security.

  • Minors.

    NAR understands the importance of protecting minors especially in virtual environments such as the Internet. Our site is not intended nor recommended for minors, nor do we expect to collect or receive information from minors under any circumstances.

  • Modifications and amendments to this privacy policy.

    NAR reserves the right to make changes, modifications and amendments to this policy at any time without notice. In that case we will inform our visitors of any changes or modifications, which shall be effective and in force from the time they are posted on our website.